How Did the Current Projects in the Lab Evolve?

The explorers Bourke and Wills also knew where they were going but met such unexpected obstacles, and no inland sea, and they died on the return journey.

Running a lab is a bit like the life of Bourke and Wills but much less dangerous.

Here’s the story of one project in the lab.

Science, Stars and Lessons So Far: How I got into Research

I’ve been delaying writing a blog post for a while mainly because I’ve had difficulty choosing what to write about. However, a few weeks ago I was inspired by Beth’s post (Started from the Bottom Now We’re Here) on how she got interested in research, so I thought this week I’d write a short story about what inspired me to get into science. When in doubt, start from the beginning, right?

Travelling to Melbourne for Science

After a day of work at our home lab at UNSW last Tuesday, I headed out to Sydney Domestic Airport with one of our lab’s PhD Candidates, Alex Knights. It was time to fly to Melbourne for a cool experiment with the help of our collaborators at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), at the Royal Children’s Hospital.