Oh Dear, Everyone Else’s Project is More Interesting Than Mine!

Most researchers have, at one moment or another, reached the point where they think everyone else’s work is more interesting than their own.


The Crossley Lab – Reflections After a 10 Year Break

I have returned to the Crossley lab for a few months while I was between positions. In this week’s blog I thought I’d reminisce about the similarities and differences between then and now.

Should I do a PhD?

If you ask yourself this question then yes is probably the answer. But be careful. Remember that nearly everyone giving you advice will be biased. I’ll explain this below and will also say why I still think doing a PhD is a good idea, even though I’m biased too.

The Do’s and Don’ts: Lab Etiquette

Are you a new student starting out in a research lab? This is the blog post for you. Here are a few tips about lab etiquette that you can learn before your lab-proof shoes waltz through the front door. Follow these very simple instructions to be the most popular new student in the lab – ever!