About the Lab:
We are a conventional molecular and cell biology lab at UNSW Sydney. We study gene regulation and how DNA-binding proteins, termed transcription factors, turn genes on and off. Our hope is that our work will contribute to new therapeutic strategies for blood diseases and metabolic disorders. We have recently been working with CRISPR-mediated gene editing with a view to treating Sickle Cell Anaemia.

We hope that this blog will help explain What Lab Life is Like to both the general public and fellow researchers. We also hope this blog and other social media activities will help strengthen the community of researchers locally and internationally.



About Merlin:
Merlin Crossley enjoys research, teaching and even university administration.

His training included a BSc (Hons) at the University of Melbourne, and a doctorate at Oxford University investigating the molecular genetics of haemophilia B. He then moved to a post-doctoral position at Harvard Medical School where he investigated gene control in blood cells. He returned to Australia and took up a lectureship at the University of Sydney. In 2006 he was awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Higher Degree Student Supervision. He moved to UNSW as Dean of Science at the end of 2009.  In February 2016, he was appointed to the role of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education).